LinkedIn Integration with Dynamics CRM Portals or Adxstudio Portals

LinkedIn plays a big role in the professional industry as this application really has a huge network, and lots of businesses uses this to build new relationships with customers, as well as prospect companies.  LinkedIn integration with CRM Portals or Adxstudio Portal lets you Sign In on Portals with LinkedIn Account as a External or Federated Account.

CRM Portals provide you the provisions of authentication mechanism using External Providers like :

  • Microsoft Account
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • Yammer
  • Yahoo

Today in this article, I am going to explain steps to configure CRM Portals to logged In with LinkedIn account.

Step 1: Create a new Dynamics CRM 365 trial instance (if you have not already made).

Step 2: Configure and Install CRM Portal as per your need (I have installed Customer Self-Service Portal). You can go through below link to configure Portal in Dynamics CRM 365.

Step 3: Open LinkedIn Developer Network

Step 4 : Click \’Create Application\’ with below details :

Step 5 : Once your are done by creating Application, You will be able to see below screen:

Step 6 : Now it\’s time to create some Site Settings in CRM:

You can get the below site settings from Adxstudio Community.

Site Setting Name Description
Enables or disables external account sign-in and registration. Default:true
Required. The client ID value from the provider application. It may also be referred to as an \”App ID\” or \”Consumer Key\”.
The following setting names are allowed for backwards compatibility:
  • Authentication/OpenAuth/Twitter/ConsumerKey
  • Authentication/OpenAuth/Facebook/AppId
  • Authentication/OpenAuth/LinkedIn/ConsumerKey
Required. The client secret value from the provider application. It may also be referred to as an \”App Secret\” or \”Consumer Secret\”.
The following setting names are allowed for backwards compatibility:
  • Authentication/OpenAuth/Twitter/ConsumerSecret
  • Authentication/OpenAuth/Facebook/AppSecret
  • Authentication/OpenAuth/LinkedIn/ConsumerSecret

Step 7: Once you done with these Site Settings configurations (under Portal > Site Settings) in CRM. You will be able to see LinkedIn Option on CRM Portal Sign In page.

Step 8: As soon as you will click on LinkedIn, you will be redirected to LinkedIn Authenticated page for authentication

Step 9: Enter your credentials and click on \’Allow Access\’. You will redirected now to Portal Profile page in order to complete your Registration.
Complete your registration by filling the given information and do click on \’Update\’, You will be redirected to Portal home page

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