Automatically Assign Webrole to the Contacts in CRM Portals

Once a contact has been configured to use on the portal, it must be given one or more web roles in order to perform any special actions or access any protected content on the portal.

For more information about the creation and assigning of web roles to Portal Users. Refer below link:

In a lot of scenarios, you might have a requirement to assign the web roles as soon as portal user or contact creates in CRM.

Few Scenarios are-

  • If we want to automatically assign a web role to the users after successful registration on the portal.
  • if we want to automatically change the web role of a user on user request.For example, if a portal user gets promoted from Sales Person to Sales Manager, He might request to elevate his/her role.
  • If we want to automatically remove the access to a user, if he/she meets certain conditions like- User has not yet updated his/her profile or email address.

So there might be a lot of case where we need to automatically assign/change/remove the access to the portal users.

Let\’s take a very simple example – Assign \’Authenticated Role\’ and Remove \’Administrator Role\’ to the user as soon as his/her contact gets created in CRM.

Step 1: Create a new System Workflow or Process (Settings > Process > New)

Step 2: Add new step – Portals > Assign Web Role and Unassign Web Role

Step 3: Click on \’Set Properties\’ on first and second step respectively. 

Associate \’Authenticate Role\’ to the first step and \’Administrator Role\’ to the second step in order to assign and remove the authenticated and administrator role respectively.

Step 4: If you want to assign/remove/change the user role whenever user/contact is being created from Portal instead of CRM. 

Put below condition and then Activate the workflow:


By making this workflow on-demand, you can assign web roles to the multiple contacts simultaneously.

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