My Speaking and Events

User Group Name: 365 Saturday (Power Community)
Role: 365 Saturday Ambassador | Moderator | Organizer | Speaker | Mentor
Member of User Group: Since April 2019
Organized Events: 
Session Delivered:
  • Dubai SUMMIT 2020,
  • PowerApps Saturday,
  • Power Developer Saturday,
  • DevOps Saturday,
  • Azure Platform Saturday,
  • Teams Collaboration Saturday,
  • Customer Service Saturday
Upcoming Events (Speaker):
Event Volunteered: Dynamics Power Brussels 2019
My Session\’s Recording (YouTube):ArpitDynamics (Session Recordings)👆
My Session\’s Slide Deck & Live Demo (YouTube):ArpitDynamics (Session Slide Deck & Demo)👆
Upcoming Events
Organizing PowerApps Developer Bootcamp 
(15 May 2021)

Speaking on  – Collaborative development in PowerApps Canvas Apps

Speaking on  – Custom Connector in PowerApps

Financial Services Event – 18 June 2021
Speaking on  – Design Banking Solution using Power Platform
Recent Events
Fundamentals of Dynamics 365 & Power Platform 
Component-Based Development in PowerApps Canvas App
Recordings of all the sessions are available here
PowerApps Portal Best Practices and QnA Session with Community Members – 05 Sept 👆

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