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Query: Hi, please can you help me with your query to adx studio (power portal)? I need to create a form with a lookup to another entity. I add your javascript but when I set the field as read-only the function missed out. Please can you help me, how to fix it?

Posted By: Jan Kodet
Response: Yet to respond

Query: On Dynamics 365 Portal, how can I validate that End Date is greater than Start Date?

Posted By: Cameron Arnott
Response: Yet to respond

QueryChange Theme of Portal based upon URL Entered e.g. http://www.site1.com shows as 1 theme and http://www.site2.com shows another them, site1 AND site2 are the same site
Posted By: Phil Adams
Response: Yet to respond

QuerySource controlling web templates using automated pipelines
Posted By: Greg DeCarlo
Response: Yet to respond

QueryHow can you develop a Xamarin application to integrate to the power apps portal using the new API model
Posted By: Morné Wolfaardt
Response: Yet to respond
QueryWill you discuss about portal integration as well?
Posted By: Prachi Ahirwal
Response: Yet to respond

QueryCustomisations, CRUD
Posted By: Sagar Dhuri
Response: Yet to respond
QueryWould like to learn about the new web API features of portals and upgrading to higher versions to avail of this feature.
Posted By: Anjali Tambe
Response: Yet to respond

QueryAny tools or methods to debug liquid code?.
Posted By: Manoj Kumar Patel
Response: Yet to respond

QueryI would like to learn more about developing Power Apps without .net of java scripting
Posted By: Kieran Shaw
Response: Yet to respond

QueryLicensing challenges; connecting to d365 finops
Posted By: Marilyn Stuart
Response: Yet to respond

QueryWhere do you see Power App Portals fit well and where not?
Posted By: Nikita Polyakov
Response: Yet to respond

QueryHow to provisioned custom and power apps portals on the same instance?
Posted By: Bir Gill
Response: Yet to respond
QueryNew interface. I keep using the old version to customize CRM forms.
Posted By: Leandro Barbosa
Response: Yet to respond

QueryIframe addition.
Posted By: Gabriel Glisson
Response: Yet to respond
QueryPlease share more use cases about when to use Power Apps Portal, whether internally within an organization or for our customer.
Posted By: Melvin Fong
Response: Yet to respond

Queryexternal access
Posted By: Flavia Gomes
Response: Yet to respond

Query: In data integration when I create a new connection it allows me to connect only two environments only. But I want to add the \” third connection\” which is missing. How to add a third connection in the data integration.
Posted By: Shikta Chatterjee
Response: Yet to respond

Query1- How to get the id in the URL in insert mode (entity form).  
2- Begining a form with a conditioning step.
Posted By: Pascale Pascale
Response: Yet to respond

QuerySingle sign-on With a third party web site
Posted By: Wilmer Alcivar
Response: Yet to respond

QueryALM for Portals using AzureDevOps or any other best practices.
Posted By: Himanshu Gehlot
Response: Yet to respond

QueryHi, so I\’m fairly new to power apps portal and I\’m stuck with something, basically I want the contacts that I have included in my dynamics to edit their details through the portal, but I don\’t want to use the default profile page after they log in, I want to create a new page and map all the related fields that I have added within dynamics, I have already used the entity forms, but that\’s not what I want, I want the contacts information to load and edit themselves, is it possible to do this? Or are they any better alternatives? Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks
Posted By: Usama Jumaloon
Response: Yet to respond

Query\”Styling and responsiveness of portals. We are using liquid templates and javascript but the site is not responsive and styling is very poor when we use OOTB\”
Posted By: Emad Mousaad
Response: Yet to respond

QueryHi, I would like to know more about the latest release & updates.
Posted By: Fabrice Kabemba
Response: Yet to respond

Queryhow much can I customize?
Posted By: Leonardo Urbano
Response: Yet to respond

QueryWould like to know the latest features in Portal
Posted By: Bilal Saeed
Response: Yet to respond

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